PFW Night 2

it did not just rain today. it poured

yet we still were able to get a lot accomplished at all of our sites. we have some homes that break my heart. too often God knocks me down and reminds me how abundantly blessed i am and most of us are. our #firstworldproblems are mute. here are a few pictures that i have of some of our projects. 

caleb moore joined us to lead worship tonight and he will be with us the rest of the week! i personally loved a song he sang called through and through! the words for the whole song were simply:

i find that i am safe and warm in Your loving arms. You see me. You know me. You love me through and through.

then mitch tidwell brought us the message again! he was continuing from last night in john 6. 

part of his message he was discussing the idea that our culture has taught us that we have to earn everything. nothing is given to us and if we don’t fight for things (people, relationships, money, jobs, possessions, etc.) then we loose them. but the message Jesus gives is the opposite. Jesus paid it all for us regardless of what we bring to the table. good, bad, or indifferent. Jesus paid it all! 

yet, often times we take the way we view things culturally, our worldly, cultural ‘lens’, and we place that lens in between our relationship with Jesus.

as Christians, we should live in the promises of scripture. Jesus paid it all. one time; all sins. that includes the mistakes you will make tomorrow. you do not have to earn His love. you do not have to earn His forgiveness. you do not have to earn His grace! 

please continue to pray for all of us as we continue through this week. 

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