end of school bash

last night, we broke off from our normal routine and decided to have some fun. we split the youth into four random groups and we had four ‘game stops’ (not the video game store). we spent about 15 minutes at each stop.

in order to tie in with our current teaching series, each game, except one, was centered around getting to know each other. the games were:

  • two truths and a lie
    • we gathered in the basketball cage and stood in a circle. one at a time, each person would say two truthful and one false thing about themselves. the rest of us then had to guess which one was a lie.
  • never have i ever
    • for this, there were several chairs in a circle in front of the stage. enough chairs for all but one to sit. the person standing had to finish the sentence, ‘never have i ever’. (ie: never have i ever been to new york) then everyone who has done that thing had to get up and switch chairs.
  • get to know you; shoot
    • this game took place right outside the front doors of the youth building. with everyone in a circle, one at a time each person had to say their name, age, and favorite hobby. they did this twice. then the leader in the middle would spin around and point at someone and shout, ‘shoot’. if that person did not duck out of the way, they were out. if they did duck out of the way, the two on either side of them had to say the person duckings’ name, age, and favorite hobby. who ever said slower was out.
  • kick ball
    • for this, we went across the parking lot and to the baseball fields in order to play a good old-fashioned game of kickball. this was our just-for-fun game.

overall, i think we had a great time and it gave each of the leaders, including myself, an opportunity to get to know the students even better.

next week, we will continue our discussion over identity.  if you have not yet seen the youth calendar, you can view it here.


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