justin and rules

last night i introduced myself to the group (you can read about me here) and then spoke about what our “rules” will be going forward. i think it is vitally important that myself and the other leaders in our group strive to avoid giving the impression that Christianity is about rules instead of relationships.

i would like to focus here on the “rules”. more precisely, the rule. yes, you read that correctly; we established one rule last night…respect.


when we read scripture, Jesus tells us in matthew 26:37-40:

Jesus replied: “ ‘love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ this is the first and greatest commandment. and the second is like it: ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’ all the law and the prophets hang on these two commandments.”

i especially love verse 40 from the message bible:

these two commands are pegs; everything in God’s law and the prophets hangs from them.

love is also mentioned in many other places in scripture to this same extent. without love, we have nothing. knowing this, we split the idea of respect into three components:

  • respect God
  • respect people
  • respect property

between each of these three components, i believe we will be able to encompass traditional rules with a simplified delivery. many traditional rules even fall under multiple components. let me show you what i mean:

respect God

  • do not talk to friends during worship or the lesson
  • dress appropriately (school dress code)
  • no pda

respect people

  • do not talk to friends during worship or the lesson
  • dress appropriately (school dress code)
  • no pda
  • pick up your own trash

respect property

  • once you arrive at the church, you stay until service is over
  • pick up your own trash

my prayer is that simplifying to a single word with three components will help the students remember and the leaders focus on relationships.

i look forward to seeing how God blesses our group and to see the students grow in the Lord.

if you have any questions, comments or concerns that i can help you with, please fill out the form below and i will get back with you quickly.


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