in the beginning

family bwin a little over a month, i will be starting a new journey in life. i will be leaving my cozy 8 – 5, monday – friday job and starting a new adventure.

most people that i know do not handle change well. i am on the opposite side of that feeling. unless you are God, change is inevitable and when a big change happens, i like to change as much as possible all at the same time. the way i see it, i am sneaking some changes in behind the main big change. that is why i am going to, in addition to all the other change, start a blog.

if you do not already know, my new journey in life will be in the form of my becoming a youth minister.

i foresee this blog as being a place for my students and their parents to get updates from me and the things that i am doing in life. some of the thoughts i want to capture here are:

  • keeping up with wednesday and sunday lessons
  • reminders about upcoming events
  • books i am reading
  • whatever else may pop in my head

i am also open to the idea of answering questions that you may have. as long as you are open to the idea that the answer may be i do not know.

i am not sure i am ready to commit to any set amount of blog posts per week/month, but my hope would be to do at least one per week.

random thoughts

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